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Categories: TED

Tips for Decoding – Leading Constructivist Media Analysis in the Classroom

When/Where: Monday, 9:00-10:30am in Flower.

Presenters: Chris Sperry, Projct Look Sharp. Presider: Jasmine Hood (more…)

The Theory of Mind in Media Production: Media literacy studies as social-therapy

When/Where: Sunday, 3:00-4:00pm in Ballroom A2.

Presenter: Jonathan Friesem, Media Educational Lab, School of Communication and Theater, Temple University. Presider: Carol Tizzano. (more…)

Multicultural Multilingual Multimedia Projects in Teacher Education:Developing Media Literacy Skills through Global Connections and Teaching Beyond Borders

When/Where: Sunday, 3:00-4:00pm in Flower.

Presenters: Melda Yildiz, Kean University. Presider: Cathy Leogrande. (more…)

CANCELLED: Digital stories as Counter-texts: Multi-modal Critical Literacy in Practice

When/Where: This session is cancelled.

Presenters: Kira Baker-Doyle, Penn State University – Berks. (more…)

Shifting Concepts of Literacy: How Media Literacy Education can Serve as Transformative Pedagogy for Secondary Students and Pre-Service Teachers

When/Where: Sunday, 1:50-2:20pm in Ballroom D.

Presenters: Kathy Garland, Georgia College & State University; Barbara Pace, University of Florida. Presider: Tania Fonseca. (more…)

Pedagogical media literacy skills of teachers

When/Where: Sunday, 1:15-2:45pm in Frampton.

Presenters: Silke Grafe, Ruhr-Universität Bochum ; Maria Boos, University of Paderborn. Presider: Cathy Leogrande. (more…)

Using Media Literacy to Address Homophobia In Secondary Schools

When/Where: Sunday , 10:45-11:30 in Hamilton.

Presenters: Joseph Jones, Radford University; Allyson Linn, Rush Henrietta Central School District. Presider: Julie Maier. (more…)

It’s Still a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Pre-service Teachers Create Children’s Educational Television Programs

When/Where: Sunday, 9:45-11:30am in Ballroom A1.

Presenters: Nancy Nicolescu, Kean University. Presider: Faith Rogow. (more…)

Critical Media Consumption: Aspiring Teachers and College Students Challenge Media Coverage of the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

When/Where: Sunday, 9:45-10:45am in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Mira Feuerstein,Oranim Academic Educational College. Presider: Jasmine Hood. (more…)

A Developmental Approach to New Media Literacy Education & Teaching 6th Grade “Cyber Civics”

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:45pm in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Diana Graber, Journey School and Co-Founder of Cyberwise.orgPresider: Angie Beumer Johnson (more…)

Impacting veteran and pre-service teachers: Practical strategies for teaching teachers about media literacy.

When/Where: Saturday, 2:00-3:30pm in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Douglas Lare and Lucy Stanovick, East Stroudsburg University. Presider: Mike Gange (more…)

Testing Media Literacy Learning and Pedagogy of Pre-Service English Educators

When/Where: Saturday, 11:45-12:10pm in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Nalova Westbrook, The Pennsylvania State University. Presider: Mike Gange (more…)

Creating Autonomous Learners and Teachers: Challenges and Rewards of Using Co-Learning Pedagogies in the Media Education Classroom

When/Where: Saturday, 11:15-11:40am in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Erika Hill, Brigham Young University. Presider: Mike Gange (more…)

Media Literacy at the Middle Level

When/Where: Saturday, 10:45-11:10am in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Theresa Redmond, Boston University. Presider: Jasmine Hood (more…)

Contexts, Connections, Collaboration: Integrating Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in Media Literacy Education

When/Where: Saturday, 9:45-10:25am in Ballroom A1.

Presenters: Carl Casinghino, Suffield High School. Presider: Frank Gallagher. (more…)

Looking Carefully, Thinking Critically: An Art Education Approach to Critical Viewing

When/Where: Saturday, 9:00-9:40am in Ballroom A1.

Presenters: Carol Tizzano, PicturePerfect Productions. Presider: Frank Gallagher. (more…)

Students with Disabilities…Perfect Candidates at the Crossraods of Technology and Media

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Published on: 06/21/2011

When/Where: Saturday, 9:00-10:30am in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Gina Scala, East Stroudsburg University. Presider: Melda Yildiz. (more…)

Library of Congress: Gateway to the World Digital Library

Friday, 2:30-3:30pm in Frampton.
Presenters: Sue Wise, Waynesburg University. Presider: Ethan Delavan (more…)
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