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Categories: DIGS

Living with Digital Natives in Dual Language Elementary Classrooms: Fostering New and Traditional Literacies through Digital Storytelling

When/Where: Monday, 10:00-10:25am in Ballroom E2.

Presenters: Joanne Falinski, Independent Consultant; Lizabeth Fogel, The Walt Disney Company. Presider: Faith Rogow (more…)

Smart Kids Visual Stories: Exploring the Role of K-12 Media Production in Educational Reform

When/Where: Monday, 9:30-9:55am in Ballroom E2.

Presenters: Michael Schoonmaker, Syracuse University. Presider: Faith Rogow (more…)

First Graders, Flip Cameras, and Family Histories: Using Technology with Nonfiction Writing

Flip Cameras, first graders and family stories PowerPoint




Flip Cameras, First-graders and Family Stories

When/Where: Monday, 9:00-9:25am in Ballroom E2.

Presenters: Melissa Wilson, Ohio State University Presider: Faith Rogow (more…)

Re-Visioning Our Identities as Teachers Through Digital Storytelling

When/Where: Sunday, 1:15-2:45pm in Flower.

Presenters: Judith Rance-Roney, DeSales University. Presider: Robert Rivera-Amezola. (more…)

Drama for the Camera: Deepening character portrayal in a fast-moving era

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Published on: 06/22/2011

When/Where: Sunday, 10:45-11:30 in Hamilton.

Presenters: Ethan Delavan, Seattle Country Day School. Presider: Gillian Andrews. (more…)

Role of digital storytelling in media literacy education: What happens when kids make documentaries

When/Where: Sunday, 10:45-11:30 in Reynolds.

Presenters: Craig Santoro, Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons at WHYY; Henry Cohn-Geltner, Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons at WHYY. Presider: Theresa Redmond. (more…)

Cinemania: Exploring World Film With Youth

When/Where: Sunday, 9:45-10:30am in Shippen.

Presenters: Emily Keating, Jacob Burns Film Center; Brady Shoemaker, Jacob Burns Film Center. Presider: Carl Casinghino. (more…)

Creating Media from O: Digital Stories, Challenging Sounds

When/Where: Saturday, 9:00-10:30am in Shippen.

Presenters: Jeff Share, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Chris Shamburg, New Jersey City University. Presider: Gillian Andrews.


Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

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Published on: 06/20/2011

When/Where: Friday, 9:00-1:00pm in Ballroom E2.

Presenters: Suzanne Shoemaker, Freshi Films. Presider: Rhys Daunic (more…)

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