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Categories: NEWS

News Literacy: An Enhanced Mission for Journalism Educators

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Published on: 06/23/2011

When/Where: Monday, 9:00-10:30am in Frampton.

Presenters: Dan Gillmor, Arizona State University. Presider: Mark Hannah (more…)

Media Literacy Education and Adolescent Civic Engagement: Report from the Field

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Published on: 06/22/2011

When/Where: Sunday, 9:45-11:30am in Claypoole. Presenters: Hans Martens, University of Antwerp; Shay Taylor, Silver Spring, MD Schools; Renee Hobbs, The Media Education Lab at Temple University. Presider: Dan Gillmor. (more…)

Where would we go without questions?

When/Where: Saturday, 10:45-12:15pm in Reynolds.

Presenters: Lynn Sygiel, Y-Press ; David Carr, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Olivia Mozzi, Washington University in St. Louis. (more…)

CANCELLED: Junior Journalists: A Curriculum for News Literacy in Primary School

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Published on: 06/21/2011

When/Where: This session has been cancelled.

Presenters: Jane Ballinger, Cal State Pomona. (more…)

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