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Categories: 3:45pm

Media literacy education in China: Part One

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Published on: 06/21/2011

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15pm in Cook.

Presenters: Yi Yang, Communication University of China; Ying Zhang, Communication University of China; Xue Baowei, Communication University of China; Wen Xu, Communication University of China. Presider: Sam Reed, III. (more…)

Connecting Cultures Through Global Media Literacy: Building a Global Framework for Media Literacy Education in the 21st Century Classroom

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15 in Flower.

Presenters: Paul Mihailidis, Emerson College; Moses Shumow, Florida International University. Presider: Tania Fonseca (more…)

LAMPlatoon: Training an Army of Commercial Busters

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Published on: 06/21/2011

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15pm in Ballroom E2.

Presenters: Katherine Fry The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project); D.C. Vito, The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project); Emily Long, The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project). Presider: Erin Reilly. (more…)

EIU Teaching With Primary Resources

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Published on: 06/21/2011

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:25pm in Nicolas Moore (lobby).

Presenters: Cindy Rich, PhD; Presider: Unassigned (more…)

Positive Minds Taking It To The Streets: Creating and Distributing Guerrilla-Style Youth Media In Non-Traditional Educational Environments

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15 in Shippen.

Presenters: Jeannine Cook, Positive Minds. Presider: Gillian Andrews (more…)

A Developmental Approach to New Media Literacy Education & Teaching 6th Grade “Cyber Civics”

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:45pm in Ballroom A2.

Presenters: Diana Graber, Journey School and Co-Founder of Cyberwise.orgPresider: Angie Beumer Johnson (more…)

Empirical Research of Media Literacy: A Literature Review

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:25 PM in Frampton.

Presenters: Nalova Westbrook, The Pennsylvania State University. Presider: Melda Yildiz (more…)

Developing and Implementing Critical Media Health Literacy Pedagogy in High School: A Canadian Study

NAMLE2011When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:10pm in Ballroom A1.

Presenters: Deborah Begoray, University of Victoria. Presider: Tina Peterson (more…)

It’s different when you hear it from a friend: Using video to explore peer friendships and the college-preparation practices of urban youth

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15pm in Bromley.

Presenters: Joanne Marciano-Watson, Teachers College, Columbia University; Vaughn W.M. Watson, Teachers College, Columbia University. Presider: Penny Bealle (more…)

A Tale of Two Teachers: Contrasting Approaches to Media Literacy Integration in the Middle School

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-4:25pm in Claypoole.

Presenter: Angela Cirucci, Temple University. Presider: Cathy Leogrande.

A Tale of Two Teachers (more…)

Media Literacy for Parents and Children

When/Where: Saturday, 3:45-5:15 in Reynolds.

Presenters: Eric Olson, Virginia Tech; Ashley Gellert, Virginia Tech. Presider: Unassigned. (more…)

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