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Media Construction of Social Justice

When/Where: Friday, 2:30-3:30pm in Ballroom E1.

Presenters: Sox Sperry, Project Look Sharp. Presider: Tania Fonseca

Objectives: This demonstration will introduce the teaching of historic social justice movements through interactive media decoding using Project Look Sharp’s curriculum kit and constructivist classroom analysis of media documents.

Audience: PK-12 Schooling, Higher Education, Non-Profit Sector


This media demonstration will introduce Media Construction of Social Justice, a companion curriculum to Look Sharp’s previous kits, Media Construction of War and Media Construction of Peace. This kit explores diverse media representations of social justice movements within the United States from the time of the abolition and suffrage movements of the nineteenth century to the LGBT and immigration rights movements of today. This kit is designed to support the teaching of content for 11th grade high school American History classes and college level peace studies classes. Kit author, Sox Sperry, will demonstrate Project Look Sharp’s constructivist process of document decoding as a means to invite students to apply knowledge in order to think critically about media messages and about their role as citizens in a democracy.

Participant Involvement

This curriculum has been developed using NAMLE’s 20 key questions to ask when analyzing media messages. Participants will be invited to reflect on answers and evidence from a wide variety of documents to analyze media messages related to authorship, purpose, impact, technique, interpretation and credibility.


  • Sox Sperry, Project Look Sharp: Project Look Sharp Program Associate, has been a teacher and curriculum designer for the past 32 years. He is author and co-author of Project Look Sharp’s document-based history kits: Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns, Media Construction of the Middle East, Media Construction of Chemicals in the Environment, Media Construction of Resource Depletion, , Global Media Perspectives, Creativity and Aging Through the Lens of Film, Media Construction of Peace and Media Construction of Social Justice.
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