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CANCELLED: Digital stories as Counter-texts: Multi-modal Critical Literacy in Practice

When/Where: This session is cancelled.

Presenters: Kira Baker-Doyle, Penn State University – Berks.

Objectives: This presentation focuses on the implementation and outcomes of a pre-service teacher project in which students developed digital stories based on social critiques of texts.

Audience: PK-12 Schooling, Higher Education


This presentation will describe the implementation and outcomes of a teacher education course-related media literacy project. Pre-service teachers were required to develop a social critique of a text, and develop a counter-text in the form of a digital story. The presentation describes the theoretical framework which guided the project, implementation procedures, outcomes, and reflections for future practice. The pre-service teachers indicated that they developed a keener sense of media awareness and critical practices through the project.

Participant Involvement

The presentation will include a brief lecture using prezi or powerpoint, use of video and audio examples, and discussion format at the end.


  • Kira Baker-Doyle, Penn State University – Berks: Dr. Baker-Doyle is an Assistant Professor of Education at Penn State-Berks. She teachers language arts and literacy courses and studies urban education, teacher professional development, and social networks. She is currently working on an upcoming book about new teachers’ social networks, to be published by Teachers College Press in 2011.
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