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Parents as Co-Teachers of Media Literacy: Home-Based Activities for Enrichment and Reinforcement

When/Where: Sunday, 3:00-4:00pm in Shippen.

Presenter: Greg Richards, Middle School Ethics Project. Presider: Tania Fonseca.

Objectives: This session considers the theory and practice of engaging parents as media literacy teachers at home. Participants will have an opportunity to strategize resources for their own programs and will receive sample activities.

Audience: Middle School


Beginning with a theoretical framework of relevant adolescent development, neurobiology, and prevention literature this session analyzes the pivotal role of parents and family in critically applying NAMLE’s Key Questions in the deconstruction of media messages, particularly in terms of ethical values and character. Participants will find guidance in the incorporation of home-based activities in middle school (Grades 5-8) media literacy curricula. The convenor will offer a case study as a sample resource and provide participants the opportunity to work through it after a review of the Key Questions.

Participant Involvement

The convenor will briefly present his doctoral research on engaing parents as co-teachers in a middle school ethics curriculum which included two take-home activities on media literacy. Participants will brainstorm ways to create and employ home-based activities in their own media literacy program and in small groups work through a case study created for this session using the Key Questions.


  • Greg Richards, Middle School Ethics Project: Ph.D. (June 2011) in interdisciplinary program–developmental psychology, adolescent neurobiology, and education; dissertation measured effectiveness of parent involvement in teaching ethics. Director of the Middle School Ethics Project which includes funded research and program development in media literacy and critical thinking skills. Thirty years of experience teaching ethics and media literacy, including parent education, in schools and religious congregations. As Rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills (CA), founded parent education and early childhood center.
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